DDM is a full service advertising
agency based in Philadelphia

We specialize in performance-based marketing through various mediums,
including search engine marketing, web/display, social media, mobile,
pay per call, email, and more.

We work with clients as an extension to their marketing team
helping them identify opportunities and crafting customized digital advertising solutions for success.


We make use of proven, split testing methods to deliver the best results to our partners. By utilizing various advertising
outlets such as banner placements, social media, and search engines we can help you construct a strategy that will
establish your brand online.

  • Display

    We design custom display banners in all sizes to immediately capture the individuals attention and spark their interest as they browse the Internet. We find our traffic by doing proper market research and advertising on websites they frequently visit.

  • Social Media

    We leverage the massive amount of traffic at various social networking websites to provide highly qualified individuals to meet your needs. Most often we will break this down by demographics and sometimes we'll use keyword targeting to find the traffic you want.

  • Search

    Using keyword targeting we are able to find individuals who are specifically searching on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for your brand, product or service to provide the absolute most qualified traffic.

We help clients across a wide business spectrum maximize
their online presence to boost lead generation and conversions.


We at Digital Diamond Marketing are committed to helping clients establish their brand online. We offer process driven solutions and online marketing campaigns to encourage maximum engagement with the target audience which leads to quality led generation and increased sales.


      • Innovative Solutions

        Out-of-the-box ideas that are precision engineered to encourage maximum engagement with the target audience.

      • Right Media Exposure

        We fiine tune the right market segment for your product and direct ads other promotional tactics at potential buyers that are most likely to get them to make the purchase decision.

      • Marketing Mix

        We create the perfect intersection of all the right promotional techniques, placement, decisions and pricing strategy to ensure maximum conversions with a high ROI.

      • Superior Analytics

        Our detailed metrics help us to analyze the performance of a particular media campaign and optimize the same to maximize results.

      • Experience & Expertise

        We maintain a fine balance of both, employing the best processes, policies and people; ensuring success for our clients.

      • Dedicated Support

        Communication is key and we offer our clients dedicated support and service right from the word go.

Our Partners

We work with some of the most reputed online brands across a variety of verticals.

About Us

  • DDM specializes in high-volume lead generation for a variety of verticals that include dating, gaming, mobile pin-submits, pay per call and many more.
  • Digital Diamond Marketing is an internet advertising agency specializing in brand, direct-response and performance-based advertising. Whether you’re looking to create a brand, revive a brand or just inject new life in to a brand – we’ve built our reputation on being creative, dynamic, flexible and offering measurable performance metrics.
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